Michael's Image Galleries


You are heartily invited to explore Michael's extensive photo and art galleries.  Click the link at the bottom of this page to launch the gallery home page.  Please read all of the important text below before embarking on your gallery navigation.


The gallery home page lists several galleries.  Select one to view by clicking on the thumbnail beneath its title.  Each gallery contains multiple pages.  Each gallery page displays 16 thumbnails and includes a page list at the bottom of the page. 


Background information about Michael's art is available via the "About Michael" link at the right.  Also, see the behind-the-scenes story of Michael's Centiolier and Doodads Project here .  One of the image galleries features the finest fruits from that effort.


You can return here at any time by going to sussna.com.  Do this by clicking your browser's Back button or by entering "sussna.com" in the browser address field (the area that shows at which web address you are located).



Enlarging Images and Viewing a Slideshow


Once you are in the image galleries, click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of the image.


When viewing the large version of an image, just above the image you will see three icons on the left and three on the right.  If you hold the mouse cursor over the icons their meaning will become visible.


Two of the icons on the upper right are self-explanatory, the next and previous image icons.  To start the gallery slideshow, click the rightmost icon of the three icons on the upper left.  The slideshow will display every image in the gallery, in sequence, with a five second viewing time for each image.


During a slideshow, the names of the images will not appear, but you can determine the filename by holding the mouse cursor over the image.


Prepare for your journey!  Enjoy!


Michael's Image Galleries

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