Mind and Sense


The following is a collection of papers that Michael has written on the mind, perception, meaning, and language.  They are presented in chronological order.


 Paraphysics (1972)

This is Michael's undergraduate thesis for his bachelors degree in Philosophy from Sonoma State University in California.  It covers research into both Western and Eastern Philosophy, parapsychology, and consciousness.  There are also references to science fiction, as a source of imaginative and fertile ideas.


The paper presents an attempt to synthesize an organizing framework for a wide variety of intriguing concepts and investigations spanning human intellectual and spiritual history.  It was intended as a catalyst for further thought and discussion, reflecting youthful enthusiasm, rather than as a scientifically rigorous treatise.



Artificial Abstract Activity (1984)


Michael took on the task of defining intelligence, in the interest of defining artificial intelligence.  He feels he succeeded.


Artificial Abstract Activity



Natural Logic (1990)

Michael has spent considerable time thinking about thinking.  One of his efforts in this domain has been to review and revise logic.  He was first struck as an undergraduate Philosophy student by the ironic illogic of the traditional approach to logic.  The artificial rules of conventional logic did not reflect the way people actually think.  These rules were too simplistic and downright incorrect.  Michael sought to correct and succeeded at fixing what he felt was a sad flaw, so that logic would itself make sense, and in turn become a more powerful and natural tool for both the academic and the average citizen.

Natural Logic


Three-Level Definition (1991)


Michael discusses his notion of definition, which can be managed using a three-part approach: external, surface, and internal aspects...

Three-Level Definition


We Think in Meanings (1992)


Michael has wanted to point out and explain that we don't think using words, or the external language that we use to communicate with each other.  Rather, when we really think, it is nonverbal, conceptual, and done at the level of meanings.

We Think in Meanings

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